Smart Practice of Keyboard Harmony

You don’t want to waste valuable teaching time. Your students hardly practice at home.
Use MusicianPro and make everyone's time count!

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Create an assignment within 30-seconds


Provide your students feedback even when you are not around


Get full review of students’ progress

MusicianPro seamlessly integrates with your current teaching to create a hybrid learning platform.


Diverse range of customizable exercises

Teachers create assignments for students by leveraging a library of expert-created exercises that include playing from Roman numerals, playing along the soprano line, and figured bass.


Instant & automated feedback

Students get smart, real-time feedback as they practice at home.


Valuable insights & reviews

Teachers analyze in-depth performance reports, helping them optimize class time.


Continuous, accelerated learning

Students get effective feedback and effective practice time, becoming better musicians

"I love the smart feedback the students are receiving while practicing at home, it saves me review time and reduces questions during class. But the best thing is that all of my students' progress was accelerated since we have started using MusicianPro"

Professor of Music Theory, State College

Win Win Win

Simple & Intuitive

Leverage a library of hundreds of exercises, and create assignments with our intuitive assignment builder, reducing admin tasks like printing handouts and sending emails.

Save Time

Track student's progress at home and cover more ground during class.

No Geographic Limitations

Effective practice and efficient feedback and insights mean you can now work with more students and help them become better musicians.

"Theoretical courses have always been my worst nightmare, but MusicianPro makes it less despairing and sometimes even fun"

Conservatory student

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