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Feels Like a Virtual Professor


Keyboard Connection

Works with any MIDI keyboard or electric piano

Gradual Practice

Step-by-step practice in short segments, including useful tips for each level

Creative Training

Experience diverse exercises, such as: playing from Roman numeral scale degrees, harmonizing figured bass, harmonizing given melodies, and completing missing tones in any given exercise


An intuitive and fun interface with over 4,500 exercises and a performance insights tab


Maximum Value with Minimum Preparations

Performance Overview

Each course has a dashboard for a quick, precise and comprehensive student overview to track personal progress


Classroom Teaching Aid

Provides the top three most challenging exercises for the students in each course for better class management

Assignments Management

Course assignment management, including due-date tracking, assignment review per student and a feedback tool

No Textbook Necessary

Provides an all-encompassing study program that requires minimum preparation



A Cutting-Edge Learning Experience

LMS Integration

Integrates with all Learning Management Systems (LMS), including Blackboard, Canvas, and Moodle

Constant Updates & Maintenance

Access granted to all the features, including version updates on a regular basis

Boost Students' Motivation

Benefits from students who possess higher motivation and better abilities

A stronger Professor-Student Connection

Creates a special rapport between the professor and the students, which helps the student strengthen weaknesses and attain better success


The Musician Pro platform includes an all-encompassing program for an aspiring musician in any field of expertise. From the basics and essential components of harmony all the way through a full harmonizing practice, Musician Pro is an engaging, tailor-made program for any school curriculum, including both Western and Jazz harmony.

It’s the perfect music toolbox to help you strike the right note.


  • Scale – Major, Minor

  • Triads

  • Seventh Chords

  • Introduction to the Harmonic Degrees

Diatonic Harmony

  • Diatonic Scale Degrees in Major and Minor Keys

  • The Principles of Voice Leading

  • Cadences

  • Practicing Chord Progressions on all twelve keys, where each level introduces a new degree

Chromatic Harmony

  • Diatonic Sequences and Modulations

  • Applied Dominants

  • Transpositions

  • Chromatic Voice Exchange

Musician Pro

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