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Music education is on the verge of entering a new era with changes that are especially focused on music theory and core skills. There is a higher demand for studies that combine hands-on contact with the piano and practical opportunities that give students an extra edge.


In addition, by integrating technological aids into the curriculum, Musician Pro enables music schools to empower their faculty, utilize their expertise to the fullest and build a special rapport between students and professors - that’s what makes all the difference between a good student and a thriving one.


Musician Pro ensures optimum success and resource utilization for the student and the professor.

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Vered (Rose) Isman

CEO & Co-Founder

Vered is an experienced strategic consultant specializing in business development with over five years of experience working with leading Israeli corporates. Worked closely with CEO's, CMO's and c-level managers of various departments.

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Noam Yadgar


Noam is an experienced software developer, with expertise in sound and music programming. He has an endless passion for music and education, and he is an active musician, playing regularly with his band.

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Dr. Tal Zilber

Musical Expert & Co-Founder

Tal is a musician and educator. He studied and taught in a leading US music school for over seven years, holding a doctorate degree from the NEC in Boston. Moreover, he is a virtuous pianist performing all over the world.

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Though we don’t currently have an open position, we are always on the hunt for great people to join our team.

Feel free to contact us at Info@Musician-Pro.com

and we'll take it from there!

Musician Pro

36th Borochov st. Givatayim, Israel

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