Musician Pro helps teachers engage students through effective keyboard practice and interactive remote learning

Take your students to the next level


Students who use online tools reported practice time to be 5X more efficient

Hybrid learning experience

Be there for your students both in and out of the classroom.

Save time on course material creation

Compile assignments from over 1,000 exercises created by top academic minds.

Reduce teaching workload

Get a summary of students' progress – their strengths and weaknesses in the studied material with Musician Pro's personalized progress tracker.

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Core Skills Control

Musician Pro develops the strongest and most important foundation for all musicians, especially those focusing on composition (contemporary, jazz, film, etc.).

Pioneering and Innovation

Become an innovative institution: combine online hands-on practice with a professor’s personalized expertise and join the 21st-century revolution in higher music education.

Maximize resources 

Professors will enjoy better and more efficient time management. Musician Pro helps the professor do more in less time, which leads to more productive teaching hours and better utilization of the professor’s expertise by the school.

65% of faculty members support integration of online learning technologies

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